Jul 5, 2019

The Marvel way.

Tonight, I managed to catch Avengers Endgame in a theater.

Well... there’s that.

Now, it was played up as there was going to be a bunch of things that hadn’t been included in the original theatrical release but to be honest SAVE YOUR MONEY.

The things that weren’t included were two scenes... one that got dropped from the film (featuring the Hulk) and a teaser for Spider Man Far From Home.

Funny thing about that...

So, in this last Avengers film, five years has passed in between the time Thanos snapped his fingers and got rid of half of all life in the universe and the time that all those folks who disappeared are bought back.

So... why is it that Peter Parker returns to High School and his friend is STILL THERE? It’s FIVE YEARS LATER! Glaring plot point where they dropped the ball.

Oh, and the other thing that was part of the previously unreleased stuff?

A tribute to Stan Lee. It was all I could do to keep from vomiting!

Let’s talk about the Marvel Way can we?

The Marvel Way is Stan giving an artist a seed of an idea, the artist doing all the storytelling and character design and then Stan throwing some corny jokes in at the end. That’s it, END OF STORY!

Oh, and the Marvel Way, you want to know what else that is?

It’s Stan taking ALL THE CREDIT and the artists who did the heavy lifting getting the short shrift.

Fucking stop with this bullshit already.

I get it, Stan was the best used car salesman that comics ever had but truthfully, he wasn’t a creator. And all those people who would contest that with me? Okay, answer this question then... Jack Kirby and Joe Simon (and other creators) leave Timely in the forties. All through the fifties Timely is publishing books. Not a few! They’re publishing all kinds of books but when does Marvel really take off?

It takes off when Jack Kirby comes back. It takes off when Steve Ditko is handling this throwaway character.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... Remind me now exactly what Stan created of lasting importance ONCE JACK KIRBY LEFT?


Jack Kirby went to DC and created a universe, a universe that not only is DC using to this day but the tenets of which were swiped for Star Wars. Jack came back and did more work at Marvel that STILL STANDS THE TEST OF TIME!

Steve Ditko? The Question, Shade the Changing Man,  Doctor Strange, the Hawk and the Dove... c’mon!

And the end of Avengers they have the glory hogging clown from beyond the grave getting a tribute for things he had little to do with!


It’s akin to the Devil convincing the world that he doesn’t exist, it’s history’s second greatest lie but man, if the public hasn’t bought into the bullshit!

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